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Newtonian physics, absolute zero, acoustics, adiabatic absorption, adiabatic demagnetization, adiabatic expansion, aerophysics, air conditioning, air cooling, algidity, applied physics, astrophysics, basic conductor physics, biophysics, bitterness, blast freezing, bleakness, briskness, chemical physics, chill, chilliness, chilling, cold, coldness, congealment, congelation, cool, cooling, coolness, coolth, crispness, cryology, crystallography, cytophysics, decrease in temperature, deep freezing, dehydrofreezing, electric refrigeration, electron physics, electronics, electrophysics, food freezing, freezing, freezing point, freshness, frigidity, frostiness, gas refrigeration, gelidity, geophysics, glaciation, glacification, iciness, inclemency, infrigidation, intense cold, keenness, low temperature, macrophysics, mathematical physics, mechanical refrigeration, mechanics, medicophysics, microphysics, natural philosophy, natural science, nip, nippiness, nuclear physics, optics, philosophy, physic, physical chemistry, physical science, physicochemistry, physicomathematics, physics, psychophysics, quick freezing, radiation physics, radionics, rawness, reduction of temperature, refreezing, refrigeration, regelation, rigor, severity, sharp air, sharp freezing, sharpness, solar physics, solid-state physics, statics, stereophysics, super-cooling, theoretical physics, thermodynamics, zoophysics

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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